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money making online, all about money makingSo. I’m doing an audit of my resources now. But firstly let me introduce myself.

I’m a webmaster. Former webmaster. Not oldschool but also a long time ago I started site building, promotion and other related to online money making business. The experience about 8-9. But “clean experience” about 3-4 full years of work on myself (with very long interruptions to offline biz).

In the next posts I’m going to write about all the difficulties that I faced being a webmaster. I’m on the bottom now. The most that neither is fucking webmaster’s bottom. There are almost no websites, some dedicate servers that I pay for .. everything not good in terms of online business.

When I sat down to look over my sites I realized that I had already fallen out of the whole webmaster party. The ocean of online business has become bigger, the fish has not become smaller, the whales have become fatter, and I am some sort of shilller in the money ocean.

I bought this blog from one person who had lost his interest to it from its started. Later I wrote some articles for this blog and decided to buy it.

Firstly the blog had the name “Babloman” (its sounds in russian like “MoneyMan”. BABLO=MONEY). This is a household name.
When I’d bought a blog I thought that name is what I really need!! But now as a webmaster I am BLABLAman and no more until I return to the webmaster life stream.

As I wrote in this blog I’m going to write my plans, mistakes, hard cases that I will face. Also I will write all steps for changing the situation. All about my sites and money growth.

There were many homeless SEO-men who wanted to earn money for buying an apartment/house/yacht/great car/having cool babe and were blogging already. There were different guys, smart, cool programmists and SEO specialists. They had their own lives. Some of blogs are closed now.

So, revision ..

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Results 2017. AIMS 2018


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2018 webmaster, seo blog, aims 2018A New Year – I’m really love it. To be honest I do not believe in Santa Claus. I like everything in that Christmas Days… Beautiful malls, cities, perfect New Year’s mood, the sparkling eyes of children and their sincere pure joy from the gifts found under the christmas-tree. I like to present gifts. Even when I had no money. I do not know why.

Every new year I sit on the sofa and plan the next year. This year I did not have much time to do this. Because from the 1st of January I was already actively.

2017 was a very active and really hard year in offline business and deals:
– I’d stooped to go to a gym;
– there were strange health problems;
– I’d visited two new countries;
– I tried a new offline theme and tried over 6-7 month, any profit, closed;
– continued English studying;
– I’d refused unnecessary deals and prepared all for for active return to the online business as a webmaster again;
– became more aggressive.

I have done a lot of important things. The year was extremely difficult. I was very tired. But it was a good year.
In 2017 I’d understood much more than in the previous 3-4 years. I have acquired a very serious experience in my own life and business. (more…)

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$2000 from doorways in 25 steps

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доры 2018, seo, doorways, 2018So..It’s time to draw up a plan with goals for 2018. The goal is important for any business. It is important to understand what you are doing, what is the main aim, how much you have done for goal achievement.

As I wrote I did not pay attention to online business as 99% of the time I was busy in the offline business.
The last theme with which I’ve earned on the Internet was the arbitrage of mobile traffic.

The main goal for 2018 is to return to online business and make money online mainly. I see and completely understand my returning to online with doing profitable projects for myself and focus on affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? (for those who do not know)
The main goal in Affiliate Marketing is to attract a necessary audience to a partner site with a product or service. Your aim is to find this audience and “merge” into the affiliate site. You can redirect users from banners, redirects, clickers, pounders, just by link and with another instruments. There is a code in your link. If there is a sale – you earn money as a partner. It’s simple.

The first goal is very simple – $ 2000 per month from doorways. (more…)

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