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money making online, all about money makingSo. I’m doing an audit of my resources now. But firstly let me introduce myself.

I’m a webmaster. Former webmaster. Not oldschool but also a long time ago I started site building, promotion and other related to online money making business. The experience about 8-9. But “clean experience” about 3-4 full years of work on myself (with very long interruptions to offline biz).

In the next posts I’m going to write about all the difficulties that I faced being a webmaster. I’m on the bottom now. The most that neither is fucking webmaster’s bottom. There are almost no websites, some dedicate servers that I pay for .. everything not good in terms of online business.

When I sat down to look over my sites I realized that I had already fallen out of the whole webmaster party. The ocean of online business has become bigger, the fish has not become smaller, the whales have become fatter, and I am some sort of shilller in the money ocean.

I bought this blog from one person who had lost his interest to it from its started. Later I wrote some articles for this blog and decided to buy it.

Firstly the blog had the name “Babloman” (its sounds in russian like “MoneyMan”. BABLO=MONEY). This is a household name.
When I’d bought a blog I thought that name is what I really need!! But now as a webmaster I am BLABLAman and no more until I return to the webmaster life stream.

As I wrote in this blog I’m going to write my plans, mistakes, hard cases that I will face. Also I will write all steps for changing the situation. All about my sites and money growth.

There were many homeless SEO-men who wanted to earn money for buying an apartment/house/yacht/great car/having cool babe and were blogging already. There were different guys, smart, cool programmists and SEO specialists. They had their own lives. Some of blogs are closed now.

So, revision ..

I’ve made a small report for myself about my sites, how much traffic I have and what I’m going to do with these. To be honest my sites were dying for years. I did not renew domains, I didn’t react when my servers were down, the SQL-bases laid down the server, I smoked bamboo and did nothing. F*%K. There is no forgiveness for me.

Also there were times when I had a good profit from these sites. I had not bad life. I did not work. I did not do anything. My online business feds me. It was my business which I buried with my own hands 🙂

There is nothing worse than indifference.
Even maybe not indifference but inability to properly doing business and think about future. Be serious, be confident.

So… A short report about domains and servers.

 about 100 domains   3 dedicate servers 

And some few Mbits of SE traffic ^^
Its unbelievable successful! Yeah! Great man. Go ahead.

I’m going to invest about $1000 at the first step.
$1000 is not static. I will increase if necessary.

My aim is to prove this shit in many times. In hundreds and thousands of times.

Is ir really? Let’s see together. I’m sure YES!

I will be very glad to reach the goal. I know what I want. I should prove myself that I am able to start from the bottom in online. This is my personal task to rise from a partial payback of servers to some significant results working in Affiliate Marketing exclusively.

You know, I  thought seriously…What did prevent me to achieve good profit in the online business? Why cann’t I say that I’m 100% affiliate webmaster? I had good projects. I had not bad revenue. But I was never satisfied with my earnings and my projects.

Имхо дело было исключительно в серьезности отношения к бизнесу, упорству и самое важное – в уверенности. Это очень типа просто и сложно одновременно. Об этом отдельная статья.

IMHO I had a problem with seriousness of the attitude to this business, perseverance and most important – in confidence. It’s very simple to tell but its hard to do at the same time. But I’ll write about it later.

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Peace for everyone. Welcome back bastard.