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2018 webmaster, seo blog, aims 2018A New Year – I’m really love it. To be honest I do not believe in Santa Claus. I like everything in that Christmas Days… Beautiful malls, cities, perfect New Year’s mood, the sparkling eyes of children and their sincere pure joy from the gifts found under the christmas-tree. I like to present gifts. Even when I had no money. I do not know why.

Every new year I sit on the sofa and plan the next year. This year I did not have much time to do this. Because from the 1st of January I was already actively.

2017 was a very active and really hard year in offline business and deals:
– I’d stooped to go to a gym;
– there were strange health problems;
– I’d visited two new countries;
– I tried a new offline theme and tried over 6-7 month, any profit, closed;
– continued English studying;
– I’d refused unnecessary deals and prepared all for for active return to the online business as a webmaster again;
– became more aggressive.

I have done a lot of important things. The year was extremely difficult. I was very tired. But it was a good year.
In 2017 I’d understood much more than in the previous 3-4 years. I have acquired a very serious experience in my own life and business.

In online business nothing has changed. Traffic flows from one source to another and goes from one webmaster to another. All webmasters’ themes work as earlier but with some changes. Traffic Arbitrage, webcams affiliates programs, Forex, Adult, essey and other themes makes money. Details are changing but there aren’t any changes in aims or money pie.
Before I wrote this opus I was talking to some webmasters who pleasantly surprised by growth earnings (up to 10-30 times in money). Theу are my friends and just similar guys. One guy I’d been hosting his sites in 2009 (because there was no money for his own dedicated server).

To tell you the truth more than 2 years I hadn’t done anything serious online but I was really active in offline business. I thought at that time it was very promising and exciting. New acquaintances, new people, my own growth, good prospects, serious people. I regret this act very much nowadays. I really regret about it.

All my aims for 2018 are exclusively related to active return to online business and personal growth.

A full plan with aims, figures and thoughts will be described very soon in another post. The current blog will be reworked a little less than completely. Now it will be a diary of a webmaster, an online marketer.

Happy new year. To be continued!