Results 2017. AIMS 2018


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2018 webmaster, seo blog, aims 2018A New Year – I’m really love it. To be honest I do not believe in Santa Claus. I like everything in that Christmas Days… Beautiful malls, cities, perfect New Year’s mood, the sparkling eyes of children and their sincere pure joy from the gifts found under the christmas-tree. I like to present gifts. Even when I had no money. I do not know why.

Every new year I sit on the sofa and plan the next year. This year I did not have much time to do this. Because from the 1st of January I was already actively.

2017 was a very active and really hard year in offline business and deals:
– I’d stooped to go to a gym;
– there were strange health problems;
– I’d visited two new countries;
– I tried a new offline theme and tried over 6-7 month, any profit, closed;
– continued English studying;
– I’d refused unnecessary deals and prepared all for for active return to the online business as a webmaster again;
– became more aggressive.

I have done a lot of important things. The year was extremely difficult. I was very tired. But it was a good year.
In 2017 I’d understood much more than in the previous 3-4 years. I have acquired a very serious experience in my own life and business. (more…)

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